Born to travel.

Motorhomes fitters


Overachieving have always been our passion. That is why we strive to be ahead of the curve, towards new galaxies for the Motorhomes and Camper Van of the future. We are fitters, designers and creators of experiences on four wheels, with one goal: to offer you the best technology and fulfil your desires.


We are. Simply.

Our Motorhomes and Camper Vans speak for us. They tell of the many years of solutions created, technologies we have carefully selected and the passion we call work every day.

Experts in motorhome construction for more than 15 years

The launch of Atlantis Motorhome and Camper Van came about thanks to visionary technicians, who are willing to employ decades of knowledge and expertise in the pursuit of efficiency and the aim for perfection. Made in Italy.


Technicians, designers, artisans. In our company, campers and vans take the shape of the most advanced technology and the personality of those who will experience them, in every detail.

Expert in fiberglass technology

We don't just create motorhomes, we design them to express comfort and efficiency. In this sense the use of construction technology made entirely of fiberglass makes the difference.

A comprehensive team, always close to you

From the first conversation about bringing your dream to life, to the routine maintenance of your vehicle. adventures, thanks to the specialized personnel at your disposal.

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Your desires. Our experience.

From dream to reality is a short step. We guide you through the best performing construction solutions. You just tell us how you imagine your new motorhome or camper van.


A team of craftsmen at the service of your demands, with only one rule: quality, always.


A wide range of fittings/equipment, carefully selected to provide you with only the best.


The best construction technologies. From 3D design to robotic milling. For Motorhomes and Camper Vans that look to the future.

energy efficiency

A focus on energy efficiency, to minimize waste and reduce expenses.


Tailored to your dreams

At Atlantis, we offer you projects destined to become the driver of your travels. A certainty in your adventures. Companions of your leisure time.


We start with you, so that you can share your expectations and the key features that are fundamental to your needs.


This is where your motorhome or camper van comes to life. An in depth study to assess every technical aspect of the vehicle that allow us to deliver a highly efficient product.


The time has come to deploy the technology and tools that make the difference, to create high-performance monocoque fiberglass Motorhomes and Camper Vans


Ready to go.
Three, two, oneā€¦

We know how much you are looking forward to your next trip, to getting on board, starting the engine and diving into a new experience. This time with your new Motorhome or your new Camper Van, ready to become your trusty adventure companion. Word of Atlantis.


Your warranty over time

With an Atlantis Motorhome or Camper Van, you are investing in the future. The same passion we put into design and construction, we also put into maintenance. Because we care about our vehicles, their efficiency and your safety.

We take care of you and your Motorhome or Camper Van. Rely on us for periodic checks, vehicle inspection, cell and system maintenance.

As we all know, the journey often comprises little unforeseen events. However, we take care of your Motorhome and Camper Van: from the fiberglass, structure, to the engine and to the systems.

We provide assistance right from the design phase, thanks to the convenient reparability of the fiberglass cell, the provision of inspection areas, and a full team of professionals in mechanics and outfitting.


Let's create your new Motorhome and Camper Van together

Don't keep your dreams locked in a drawer, get to know our solutions and tell us what you would like from your new Motorhome or Camper Van.
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